Monthly Archives: March 2013

Monthly Archives: March 2013

Interviewing: Throw Me a Hard One

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This week, I helped represent my law firm at a career fair for law students at my school. Over a hundred first year law students showed up in pristine suits, looking to impress. Only two years ago, I was in their very shoes. Manning the booth for close to 2+ hours and speaking with dozens of students, I started to understand what it was like for interviewers during the law school recruitment process.  Too many law students play it too …

Applying the Law In Defiance

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“Obiter Dicta” is Latin for “Said in Passing”.  In Common Law jurisdictions where many laws are judge-made, the judicial decisions often contain writing that are non-binding, yet provide clues as to the direction the  law is developing. I was recently reading Code 2.0 by Lawrence Lessig, and was fascinated with one of the phrases he used. He argues that often the judiciary ought to more frequently “apply the law in defiance”.  To be clear, the judiciary would not be usurping …